Sesame Seared Tuna Recipe| 黑白芝麻仁吞拿魚

黑芝麻 (40g)
白芝麻 (40g)
老抽少量 (視乎需要)


  1. 先將吞拿魚放下雪櫃解凍一晚,如急用就原包啤水30分鐘。
  2. 用廚房紙吸乾血水,然後切成長條形
  3. 將黑白芝麻、鹽、黑椒放在平盤上撈勻
  4. 將青芥未及老抽搞均,均勻塗上吞拿魚 (視乎需要)
  5. 將吞拿魚放在黑白芝麻平盤上碌,平均痴上魚條。


  1. 開中細火,平底鑊加少量油

2. 鑊熱後將吞拿魚放在鑊上每邊煎約分半鐘

3. 當芝麻變啡色,魚肉變硬後,就可以起鑊

4. 用刀切開,外層粉白,中間粉紅為最適中*



Black sesame (40g)
White sesame (40g)
A pinch of salt
Black pepper (a little)
Oil (a little)
Green Mustard (optional)
Soy sauce (optional)


  1. Thaw the Tuna steak in the refrigerator anight before. If you need it urgently, put the whole pack into water for 30 minutes.
  2. Use kitchen paper to absorb blood and water, then cut into long strips.
  3. Mix black and white sesames, salt, and black pepper on a plate
  4. Mix mustard & soy sauce evenly and coat with tuna (optional)
  5. Roll the tuna strips on the sesame mix.

Cooking method:

  1. Turn on stove with low to medium heat, add a small amount of oil on a pan.
  2. After the pan is heated, sear the tuna on each side for about half a minute
  3. It’s done when the sesame changes to brown color and the tuna becomes hard
  4. Cut the tuna into pieces. It’s perfectly done if the outer layer is pink and the inner meat is light red*.

*AAA grade tuna is sashimi grade so it’s fine to be rare.