About Us|關於我們

健益坊食品有限公司成立於2015年,持有食品製造廠牌照(No. 29920021852),專門為修身或健身人士提供營養餐。公司客戶遍佈港九新界,服務超過5000位客戶,包括歌星AGA、Gin Lee、周國賢和Kendy Suen等等。

公司於2021年擴展業務,成立Mealthy Mart健益坊,希望為講究健康飲食的客戶搜羅各國高級食材,讓客戶可以用貼地價錢買到優質食材。

為何選擇 Mealthy Mart?

  • 由豐富經驗的廚師主理肉類切割
  • 價錢貼地 (有團購及限時優惠)
  • 清晰營養標籤方便參考
  • 產品切合關注健康人士需要

Mealthy Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 with a food factory license (No. 29920021852), which specializes in preparing nutritious meals for people who would like to lose weight and gain muscle. There were over 5000 clients all over Hong Kong, including singers AGA, Gin Lee, Andy Chow, Kendy Suen and so on.

The company expanded its business in 2021 and set up Mealthy Mart aiming to provide high quality frozen food to those who are very much concerned about their health. We wish our customers can buy high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price.

Why Mealthy Mart?

  • Comparative advantage of handling frozen food with in-house chef & butchers
  • Competitive prices (Group buying & flash sale)
  • Precise nutrition labels
  • Finely selected for fitness persons